Corporation details - Adversity. [AVRSE]
Alliance: Snuffed Out CEO: Lex Arson
Kills: 760 HQ:
Losses: 81 Members: 95
ISK destroyed: 1,971.99B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 127.31B Tax Rate: 4.2%
Efficiency: 93.94% Website:
Adversity, n; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.


Lex Arson - CEO
Koenig Yazria - Recruitment
Ivy Lash - Consigliere

Public Channel:
2poc Cafe

Men of AVRSE, stop your dreaming,
Can't you see their cynos gleaming?
See their battleships come streaming
To this starbase shield.

Men of AVRSE stand ye steady,
It can not be ever said ye
For the battle were not ready,
AVRSE never yields.

From the form's rebounding,
Let this autist sounding
Summon all at Lex's call,
The mighty foe surrounding.

Men of AVRSE on to glory,
This will ever be your story,
Keep these burning words before ye,
AVRSE will not yield!
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