Corporation details - Milk is Love of Killmail [MIL.K]
Alliance: None CEO: Joule Serine
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Losses: 5 Members: 18
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ISK lost: 0.56B Tax Rate: 1%
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One might describes the alignment of "Chaotic Neutral" as the "purest" form of chaos, without bias in favor of good and evil. We do not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campagin of anarchy. To do so, we would have to be motivated either by good (a desire to help people) or by evil (a desire to hurt people). Sometimes, we just do things to see what the results will be. Thus, we're unpredictable, and the only reliable thing about us, is that we cannot be relied upon.

For the past 2 years the Milk Organization has been a technology company that developed and manufactured advanced weaponry and defense technologies for the Gallente forces and her allies. Formed by a Russian and American who were constantly harassed by low-sec pirates, the pair asked, "I know we're getting shot at, but why aren't they using OUR ammo?"

MILK was formed, because if those guys are buying ships and guns from someone, why can't that someone be us? We sell arms and munitions to every side of any conflict. We're happy to announce that our merchandise have been represented in every major conflict over the years. Operating on a NBSI policy, we are a low-sec dwelling group of misfits looking for questionable content in this unfriendly game.

Every time I turn on the news, I just want to see whose guns they're using"
-Joule S.

"There's one turret for every twleve capsuleers in New Eden. What I want to know is, how do we arm the other eleven?"

Need a T2 BPC invented? Let us get that for you!
Café Du Lait

:.Unicorns are real.:
Recruiment is open: Nomadic corp wants YOU!
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